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Our Environmental Commitments

In motion by nature

Being in harmony with nature, being socially engaged, innovating to produce better, responsibly and sustainably crafting elegant and airy wines, reflecting the place where they were born: this is what happens at Château Paloumey, in the great vineyard of the Médoc.

Organic Farming

At Paloumey, vineyard management is given special care. For Pierre Cazeneuve, organic farming goes well beyond a simple cultural choice. It’s a philosophy, a deep conviction shared by our entire team in order to produce sincere wines, reflective of their terroir of origin, and to ensure the sustainability of our vineyard in respect of the environment and biodiversity.

In 2016, Château Paloumey started the process of converting its vineyard to Organic Farming, which it obtained certification for with the 2019 vintage. Since 2023, all of our wines from the Haut-Médoc, Moulis-en-Médoc, and Margaux appellations are organic-certified.

To produce beautiful grapes, the vine needs to be protected against several diseases, the main ones being mildew and oidium. In organic farming, it is the contact products used (sulfur and copper), their low dosage during treatments, and our reactivity to different weather conditions that make the difference, not to mention the mechanical work of our soils, of course.

Farming organically is a demanding choice, not very restful, sometimes leading to many uncertainties – linked to the unpredictability of Mother Nature – but what pride for the entire estate team!


We are intimately convinced of the value of the ecosystem and the importance of preserving biodiversity. That’s why, in 2021, we initiated an ambitious agroforestry project in one of our young 4-hectare plots located in Ludon-Médoc. Two rows of vines were left free every 27 rows to plant a line of trees, this arrangement allowing us to continue working with our tractors.

The objective of this innovative project is to create a favorable bioclimatic environment by integrating trees into the vineyard. These trees, carefully selected (maple, lime, holm oak, mulberries…), bring many benefits. They act as a buffer, limiting the effects of climate change on the plot. They also provide habitat for local wildlife, improve soil life, promote their availability in water and nutrients, and contribute to the fixation of atmospheric carbon.

Although this involves “sacrificing” 7% of the surface of our vineyard, we consider this investment as essential for its longevity and the quality of our wines.

Energy Self-Sufficiency

At Château Paloumey we look up! For several years, we have been committed to reducing its carbon footprint and decreasing its dependence on non-renewable energies.

In 2020, we equipped the harvest reception area with a 400 m2 canopy of photovoltaic panels, benefiting from bi-facial technology.

Solar energy production is optimized thanks to the full south exposure of our building.
This installation allows us to provide the entire electricity consumption of the property and achieve energy self-sufficiency. Charging stations are also available to recharge the electric vehicles of our employees and visitors.

We hope to be able to store all of the energy produced in the future through the purchase of batteries, promoting the energy transition of our fleet of tractors.

Living Well Together

Beyond our environmental commitments, we strongly value our territorial anchoring and our community. The women and men of Château Paloumey firmly believe in the strength of the collective and the importance of creating an environment conducive to the fulfillment of each individual. Our team warmly welcomes its closest neighbors each year during the Paloumey Neighbors’ Festival and works hand in hand with the schools and the town hall of Ludon-Médoc on numerous educational and environmental projects.

As a local player, Château Paloumey is proud to employ a dozen people on the estate.

Having a positive impact on the local economic fabric and developing the skills and expertise of our employees are essential concepts for the quality of our wines and the experience of our clients.

Château Paloumey is also engaged with several properties in the Médoc in the collective called
Les Vignerons du Vivant“, a professional reintegration project in collaboration with the South-West Apprentis d’Auteuil foundation dedicated to training the future generation of winegrowers. The program offers young people from the Médoc region comprehensive training in viticulture, including modules on virtuous environmental practices such as agroforestry. Thanks to this program, three people have been trained at Château Paloumey, thus contributing to the valorization of the winegrower’s profession and the recruitment of our team in the vineyard.

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