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Plume de Paloumey

With Plume de Paloumey, our latest cuvée certified organic and without added sulfur, Pierre Cazeneuve pays tribute to our emblem, the wood pigeon, and writes a new page in the history of Château Paloumey wines!

Presentation of Plume de Paloumey

Since his arrival at the estate in 2015, Pierre Cazeneuve has been experimenting with the creation of a cuvée without added sulfur, from harvest to bottling, without aging in barrels. This cuvée was born in 2020, the first vintage of Plume de Paloumey.

Organic Agriculture

Plume de Paloumey is a parcel selection from our terroirs located in the Haut-Médoc appellation. These plots, like the entire Paloumey vineyard, are farmed organically. This agricultural practice is based on respect for natural cycles and biodiversity. We do not use any synthetic chemicals. Treatments against diseases and pests are based on natural preparations. Our goal is to produce wines that best express their terroirs while preserving the environment.

Without added sulfur

The creation of our cuvée without added sulfur requires special attention at each stage of winemaking. From the harvest, the grapes must be healthy and perfectly ripe. The fermentations and aging take place in our underground concrete tanks, offering carefully controlled conditions to prevent any oxidation or microbial contamination. Plume de Paloumey is bottled 9 months after the harvest, without having undergone barrel aging. Fining and filtration are very light in order to retain its aromas and complexity to the maximum.

The wine for friends

Plume de Paloumey marks the beginning of a new story at Château Paloumey, made of experiments for the tasting pleasure. Thanks to its blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, Plume de Paloumey reveals pure, fleshy and intense fruit, with great freshness. Indulgence and conviviality are the keywords for our Plume de Paloumey cuvée. This wine for friends is to be enjoyed in its youth and is perfect to share at aperitif time with a delicious charcuterie board (from the Médoc of course), and home-made hummus with grilled peppers.

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