Alliance between Art and Wine

Château Paloumey and Art: happily married for 20 years!

Since wine is above all a cultural product, and since wine, like art, can take us on a journey into the world of sensations, emotions and pleasure, Martine Cazeneuve organizes two exhibitions a year at Château Paloumey of works by various artists.

Over the years, numerous artists have had their work exhibited on the château's walls. As a result of this dedication to art, Château Paloumey won the Best Of Wine Tourism 2011 International Award in the Art & Culture category.

 - Château Paloumey's first encounter with artistic creation took place during the renaissance of the property in 1997. The sculptor Pierre Lagénie created a supple, elegant flight of wood-pigeons for the barrel cellar, that is always much appreciated by people visiting the cellars and seeing how the wines are aged.

 - 2001: Paintings by Georges Bernède. Living in Monségur, just north of La Réole, this artist produces very modern works that arouse powerful, deep emotions. The "Millésime et Métaphore" exhibition presented a striking juxtaposition of first vintage of the century and Bernède's work, drawing power from colours observed in Paloumey’s generous terroir and the tumultuous torrent of his imagination.

 - 2003: Paintings by Gérard Bouniol. This artist's works are characterized by elegant abstraction and a serene, peaceful atmosphere. The blazing colours of the meticulously worked compositions interact in space to present perfectly geometrical surfaces reinforced by vigorous lines and colours.

 - 2005: Paintings by Gérard Bru, member of the Société des Artistes Français, and winner of an Artmajeur silver medal in 2003. The remarkable asceticism of these paintings takes you on a journey of the imagination guided by silence and light.

- 2006: Watercolours by Hélène Saule-Sorbé. This exhibition, entitled "Natural whites, and some reds and gold", presented illustrations of flowers, clouds and decorative work on sanded glass. A wonderfully delicate, harmonious exhibition from this artist who also teaches at Bordeaux III Michel Montaigne University. Saule-Sorbé has always loved drawing nature, a trait no doubt passed on to her from her father and grand-parents, also artists.

 - 2007: Engravings by Daniel Beugniot. Known professionally as Dul, his works were rarely exhibited in Bordeaux. His "Vingt sur Vins" exhibition ("20 about Wine", but also a pun on "20 out of 20") presented a beautiful set of 20 engravings on the theme of wine and the vineyard.

 - 2007: Sculptures by Pierre Lagénie and paintings by Rafael Forero Mendoza. Pierre Lagénie, a native of Le Bouscat, attended Bordeaux's school of Fine Arts. His involvement with Paloumey goes back to the early days; in this exhibition he pays homage to female beauty; with great tenderness he encourages us to dream of eternal beauty.
To break the silence of the sculptures and wake up the sleeping beauties, Rafael Forero Mendoza's generous, explosive paintings express the tumultuous forces of daily life.

 - 2008: Paintings by Florence Chastanet. A young Bordeaux artist, Florence Chastanet's medium of choice is acrylic. The paintings in this exhibition illustrated the full range of the wine & vine theme, from flowers in the vineyard to the crushing of the grapes and ageing of the wine.

- 2008: Paintings by Alain Liebel. Painter, visual artist and graphic designer living in Angoulême. His "Between Heaven and Earth" exhibition presented a dozen pictures with colours and movement characterized by a deeply personal vision, such as the "Blazing inferno".

 - 2009: Paintings by Jean-Claude Bordage. a native of Bordeaux, J-C Bordage lives in Petit Piquey after a career in fashion design, advertising design and antiques. A pure avant-gardist, he plays with colours, formats and layouts in a style reminiscent of Andy Warhol.

 - 2009-2010: Works by 6 visual arts graduates from the school of Fine Arts: Colette Coussy, Hélène Dubourg, Marie José Demptos, Monique de Fonrocque, Annie Lafon and Bernadette Tétaud Exhibition entitled, “La Vigne au Féminin”, these long-time friends trained their artistic gaze on Paloumey and its wine, interpreting it in the form of photographs, ceramics, spontaneous paintings, works with pigments, precision painting and abstract collages.

 - May 2010: Paintings by Régine Kaufmann Laroche. To celebrate Paloumey's 20th anniversary, Martine Cazeneuve chose paintings by Régine K Laroche that offer a perfect combination of mellowness, sensitivity, and colour. The glimmering beaches of the Atlantic are one of her sources of inspiration that she portrays in large format oil paintings.

 - 2011: Paintings by Pascal Magis, a spontaneous painter, led by his instincts. His paintings exude an inner spirit and strength, and an explosive creativity. Colourful canvases reflect the painter's personality, his joie de vivre, and his remarkable sensitivity. His painting offers an expression of lyrical abstraction, with brightly coloured, flaming fields. A great artist, who unfortunately left us that same year.

 - 2012: Oils on canvas by Béatrice Rivals. Béatrice Rivals' wonderfully colourful canvases, painted with a palette knife, present an artistic vision, leaving the viewer free to interpret them how they choose, depending on their sensibility and imagination.

- 2013: Photographs by Stéphanie Reiss. Stéphanie Reiss has translated her emotions through photography and writing for more than 15 years. The photographs exhibited at Château Paloumey and presented in the book Les Mains du Vin, published by Féret, follow the various paths that lead from the vineyard to the glass. From pruning the vines to the first sip of wine, the human hand shapes and produces this divine, amazing drink that is wine. The images present a magical itinerary to the passionate wine lover.

 - 2013: Posters by students from the LIMA school. This new exhibition is the result of a successful partnership between Château Paloumey and the LIMA Bordeaux school of Art & Design. The posters displayed at the property were produced by a group of young students, offering a modern interpretation of Château Paloumey and its wines!