Winter in the Paloumey vineyard

Publié le : 04/08/2021 14:44:29

Traditionally and like every year, our vineyard team is busy pruning our vines. Unfortunately, preparing our vineyard to welcome the 2021 vintage in the best conditions cannot be done in a snap.As you know, this winter work is done by all weathers. As Bordeaux benefits from an oceanic climate, we had nearly 600 mm of rain between October and January, a record rainfall! Consequences: our vineyard was soaked and so were our winegrowers! This ultimately delayed the work of our tractors in some of our plots.Since February, we've also been experiencing alternatively sunny and rainy days as well as some very, very cool morning temperatures. We rarely go under -5°C (23°F), which is quite striking to say the least! Now that the winter work is over, our new buds are at risk. Frost already struck and is feared by all winegrowers until mid May (the end of the Ice Saints).